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Poster for Solara

Solara, a sci-fi disaster film begins when a solar flare of colossal proportions threatens to destroy Earth. An international team of astronauts embarks on an unprecedented mission to the Sun in order to save mankind.


Creighton Rothenberger & Katrin Benedikt (London Has Fallen, Expendables 3, Olympus Has Fallen).

Operation Wild

Poster for Operation Wild

Operation Wild is an action-driven, conspiracy thriller for global audiences. 

KABIR, an Indian Park Ranger, tracks the violent Poacher who kidnapped his fiancée Yun during a wildlife attack. He must work with her twin brother, YONG, a Chinese businessman to rescue her. Unlikely allies, they enter the violent world of black market trade and surprisingly, uncover a shocking, terrorist plot.


Brian Brightly (Inside Man 2, Tremors, Fox Hunt).

Chil Out

Poster for Chil Out

Chill Out is the story of an amazing adventure in the secret world of the Harbin Ice Festival. Harbin has the biggest ice festival in the world, but what if it also has one of the world’s biggest secrets? That the ice sculptures come to life at night!


Marc Handler (Cowboy Bebop, Astro Boy, Naruto).


The Successor

The Successor is an internationally-focused premium drama series about the secretive and deadly business of worldwide crime syndicates. Seen through the eyes of its young protagonist, the story follows a young man’s journey into the underworld after his kingpin father is murdered in a gangland shootout. Starting as a complete outsider, the Successor must decide whether to turn away and disown his father, or to pursue the killers and claim his place in the brutal and unforgiving world of the Triads.


John Fusco (Marco Polo, The Highwaymen, The Forbidden Kingdom)

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